5.11 Tactical Vest

November 20, 2014

Quality, durable, and comfortable apparel is a must-have for any law enforcement or EMS professional. When you shop with CHIEF, you can find the greatest value on a 5.11 tactical vest, among other apparel and accessories necessary to do your job to the fullest!

In an emergency situation, the last worry on your mind should be whether or not you are outfitted appropriately. For this reason, CHIEF carries top name brand apparel and accessories including Bullard, Danner, EMI, Havis, Oakley, Orion Safety, Reebok, Under Armor, among others. A 5.11 tactical vest in particular is designed with utility in mind, with pockets where you need them most, you’ll be able to store items easily and intuitively on your person. In fact, you can find vests that serve a number of different purposely – from a lightweight tactical covert vest to an elite cross-draw vest. A 5.11 tactical vest is a wise investment, especially for an individual enlisted in the army, as they will hold up under the most rigorous conditions and stand the test of time.

5.11 Tactical Vest is Unbeatable, The Best Construction

The design of a 5.11 tactical vest is unbeatable. CHIEF’s selection includes vests made from all different fabrics, including cotton and canvas, with easy care finish that will help maintain the texture and shape of the vest over time. The 5.11 tactical vest is designed with your need to carry a concealed weapon on you with comfort. You will be impressed with the construction no doubt!

CHIEF carries a huge variety of apparel, accessories and footwear to keep you comfortable, safe, and ready for action. Whether you work in law enforcement, firefighting, EMS, or the military, you will find that our huge inventory allows you to one-stop-shop for everything you need, all at an affordable price. A 5.11 tactical vest is a must-have for any active professional needing to balance style with functionality.