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ASP Red Gun

April 07, 2015

It's not always necessary to use an actual firearm for weapon training and when all that is needed is a replica, nothing beats an ASP red gun. Lightweight and realistic, ASP guns feel like the real thing with accurate weight and style. They're the best choice for imitation law enforcement equipment to disarm, clear a room or for assault training or weapon retention. Plus, at CHIEF Supply you'll find an entire line of ASP replica weapons including Smith and Wesson J Frames, Browning high power guns, Rugers and even rifle replicas such as Remingtons, sliding stock Government Carbines and Steyer AUGs.

ASP red guns are extremely useful in training situations. Too many times, training environments have turned deadly when supposedly unloaded weapons have killed law enforcement officers. Using a safe substitute weapon is the obvious solution, but it's essential those substitutes be accurate in how they feel and handle in order to be effective. That's why ASP goes the extra mile to ensure that their red firearms are indistinguishable from live firearms when used in training environments. Additionally, painstaking attention has been paid to every detail to create precise replicas of the weapons vital for valuable training.

ASP Red Guns and Other Training Weapons Online

In addition to ASP red guns, CHIEF Supply carries an extensive line of ASP red weapons. From training knives to training tasers to triads and even Beretta and Government magazines, you'll have all the devices you need for a realistic, accurate simulation exercise with weapons, without the concern of accidental discharge. At CHIEF Supply, we carry only the best of the best, so you know you can count on the quality of all the ASP products you need. The attention we give to selecting products that meet your demanding standards is all part of our commitment to customer service. You'll always find the best brands and best prices on the tactical gear and equipment you need at CHIEF Supply.