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ASP Talon Baton and Envoy Scabbard

February 11, 2014

ASP Reveals Talon DiscLoc Baton

 ASP has a longstanding corporate commitment to the men and women of law enforcement. Every product comes from the field and is designed to meet a real world need. ASP also donates almost $2 million a year to free training in the profession. This close relationship established with those who use ASP products has resulted in many new products and innovations.

The Talon Baton is a perfect example of this. ASP has long been known for its Friction Loc expandable baton. Although both styles have their benefits, some law enforcement and security professionals prefer the features of the Talon Baton.

This revolutionary Disc Loc baton allows police officers and public safety professionals to close the baton without impact, open it in close quarters and fully service it in the field. To put it in the words of a current ASP Trainer and 16 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, “I wish this piece of equipment was available when I was working out in patrol.”

In the Field 

If an officer is dealing with an unruly subject on the street, he or she will deploy their baton by opening to the sky. For a brief moment, this creates a larger officer in the eyes of the subject. As the officer draws the baton and opens to the sky, the discs lock into place, causing a very distinct sound similar to that of a pump shotgun chambering a round. This sound creates a psychological advantage for the officer. This noise along with using good verbal commands can cause the subject to comply with the officer and move into a controlled position.

Once the subject is controlled, the officer can close the baton. The closed bottom of the Envoy Scabbard allows the officer to rapidly depress the cap or button while placing the Talon into the Envoy, closing the baton in one swift motion.

The main benefit of the Talon Baton, according to users in the field, is the ability to expand it by pulling the end open. This is very beneficial when an officer is in a tight or crowded area and needs to expand their baton. This motion can be very discreet when necessary.  The baton also does not need a hard surface to close. This is beneficial for officers in rural locations or areas that lack a hard surface to close the baton. They can simply push the button or cap and close it against their hand, body or into the Envoy Scabbard.

Lighten the Load Initiative

ASP Talon Air Baton

In addition to the various lengths an officer can choose from, they can also choose either a Cerakote or Airweight version. The Airweight version weighs approximately eight ounces less than the steel version without losing any striking power. This is part of ASP’s “Lighten the Load” initiative, aimed at bettering the health and well being of police officers. The lighter weight is meant to help reduce the risk of low back injuries while still ensuring superior performance and protection on the street.

CHIEF has teamed up with ASP to offer a promotion lasting thru February 28, 2014. When you buy a Talon Baton, you will receive a Free Envoy Scabbard. In addition, ASP recently reduced the retail price of the Talon by approximately $40 to make it more affordable.  There has not been a better time to upgrade to the ASP Talon Baton.