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April 16, 2019


Perhaps you read the title of this blog post and wondered just what in the world a palm defender is. It’s a great question, and the answer and product is even better. A palm, or as it’s sometimes called, a key defender, is a self-defense tool that utilizes pepper spray to ward off would-be assailants.

But before we dive into how to use a palm defender, let’s take a moment to talk about pepper spray and explain just what it is. Pepper spray is also known as OC spray. The OC stands for oleoresin capsicum, which is the chemical that provides so-called pepper spray with its heat and the ability to sting the eyes.

OC is actually made from hot cayenne peppers, thus the popular name, pepper spray. Along with several lesser ingredients, pepper spray causes burning, itching and watery eyes just when it makes contact with someone’s skin. So imagine the effects when it actually gets into the eyes.

Using pepper spray will incapacitate your attacker immediately. Once this happens, your aim is to escape the situation and/or call for help.

What is a Palm Defender?

Gone are the days of having to carry around a bulky can of pepper spray in your purse or bag. Today, pepper sprays come in small tubes that are attached to a keychain. These are called either palm or key defenders, and they’re an extremely convenient tool to carry with you for self-defense.

The compact size of palm defenders allows them to slip easily into your purse, bag or even a pocket. When walking, they easily fit in your hand so you can use it at a moment’s notice.

How to Use a Palm Defender

Before using your palm defender, you’ll first want to familiarize yourself with it, specifically where the safety and trigger are. The safety device is an invaluable tool so that you don’t accidentally spray it when you don’t mean to.

When out walking or exercising, or in any other situation where you may need the palm defender, you’ll want to have the safety off so that you can use the tool should you need to. Be sure you understand how to disengage the safety quickly if for some reason it’s still in a locked position.

For example, say you’re leaving a store, and forget to switch the safety. Before you reach your car, you feel someone quickly approaching behind you. You may feel panic, but knowing where your safety is without looking at the defender, will give you quick access to the spray should you need it. Always remember to store your palm defender with the safety engaged so as to not accidentally spray yourself or someone you don’t wish to harm.

For many palm defenders, the trigger is a button on top. Be sure you know where it is and how to use it ahead of time.

If you find yourself in a potentially harmful or dangerous situation and you need to use the palm defender, follow these steps:

· With the palm defender in hand, raise up your arm in a steady motion

· Aim the palm defender at the assailant’s face and eyes

· Once you’ve taken aim, pull or press the trigger fully to release a steady stream of pepper spray mist

· Doing this will have an immediate effect on the assailant and render them incapacitated

· As soon as you’ve released the mist, it’s time to make your escape. To do so, run as fast as you can away from the attacker and if possible, scream for help. Seek safety as soon as you can.

Pepper sprays are generally effective distances up to around 12 feet and under. The farther away your attacker is, the less the chance there is that the spray works as intended.

Be Aware

There are a couple things to keep in mind when dealing with pepper spray and a palm defender. The pepper sprays that are available for civilian use generally come in the form of a mist, as mentioned above. Because of that, they are subject to the elements in nature like wind. This means there’s the potential for the spray to blow back into your face or eyes, which of course creates a bigger problem.

However, this problem may just be unavoidable. If possible, it’s always a good idea to know your escape route so that if you suffer harm from the spray, you can still make an effort at getting away.

Know Your State’s Laws

Keep in mind that the rules and laws on pepper spray vary from state to state, as well as from locale to locale. For example, some college campuses allow pepper spray, but many do not. Check with your local law enforcement agency to find out whether it’s legal or not to purchase and/or use pepper spray as a self-defense tool in your specific city and state.

Palm Defender – A Good Self-Defense Option for Anyone

Pepper spray is a relatively inexpensive, convenient way to protect both yourself and your loved ones. The palm defender is a great pepper-spray option because of its compact size, outstanding effectiveness, and its ease of use. This makes it an excellent self-defense tool for anyone.

We offer two palm/key defender options, both from ASP.

The ASP Palm Defender offers a horizontal firing system with a thumb-activated brass swivel. This combo helps prevent accidental discharge, as deploying the pepper spray requires two separate actions to disengage the safety and activate the OC spray.

At 4.5 inches in length and weighing less than two ounces, the Palm Defender’s compact size makes it extremely easy to carry with you. It has an effective range of three feet and contains three half-second bursts of OC spray.

Just slightly larger in size than the Palm Defender, the ASP Key Defender has an effective range of up to five feet, with six half-second bursts of OC spray.

And for more tips on how to keep yourself protected, be sure to read our article, How to Buy a Personal Alarm.