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OTIS Gun Cleaning Systems: A History of Family Tradition

May 14, 2014

Doreen Garrett founded Otis Technology at the age of 16. The company is a testament to how real life situations can be successfully solved through vision, commitment and a spirit of entrepreneurship.

The story began while Doreen was deer hunting with her father, carrying her grandfather’s Winchester Model 94. A misstep resulted in a barrel full of mud and a ruined hunt. Back at camp, Doreen lamented the need for an effective and portable way to clean and clear a gun barrel in the field.

Upon returning home, Doreen would spend countless hours searching for proper materials, testing ideas, encountering failures, regrouping and re-attacking the goal of creating a quality, portable gun cleaning system.

In 1985, backed by a small bank loan and armed with a few prototypes in hand, Doreen attended her first SHOT Show. Twenty-eight years later, Otis Technology continues as a family-run business offering a multitude of different gun cleaning products. Their portable Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning systems are renowned throughout the shooting sports and military markets for their exceptional quality and simplicity of design and function.

What makes Otis Systems Unique?

Breech-to-Muzzle® Technology – by pulling the Memory-Flex® cable and bronze bore brush or 100% cotton patch through the bore to the muzzle, fouling exits the firearm in the same direction as the bullet instead of being pushed down into the action and trigger assembly.

Otis Elite Cleaning System

“I have personally been using this kit for over two years now. The initial investment seemed high for a gun cleaning kit, but it literally has everything you will ever need for cleaning and maintaining your guns. I strongly recommend this product – there’s no way I’d ever go back to a rod or boresnake cleaner after using my OTIS Elite Cleaning System.” ~Scott R., Greenwood, SC

American Made – Otis remains committed to offering the finest gun cleaning systems in the industry – and to manufacturing quality products right here in the U.S.A.

Lightweight but Very Functional – everything in your pack is essential, that’s why Otis designed each cleaning system to be compact, lightweight and packaged with components specifically made for each type and caliber of firearm you use, no matter the situation or environment.

“The Tactical Cleaning System is basically a do it all cleaning kit. It includes a .17 size flexible cable too, so even airguns are covered by the kit. The patches perform very well…a great kit that has everything you need.”  ~Joe M., Cookeville, TN 

OTIS Tactical Cleaning System

 Limited Lifetime Guarantee – Otis products are designed to be the best.  When you own an Otis cleaning system, you can expect it to last.  We’re so confident in our products, we back all non-consumable items with a limited lifetime guarantee.  From slotted tips to Memory-Flex® cables; T-handles to scrapers – if it fails, we’ll replace it.

Chief Supply has teamed up with Otis Technology to offer the best gun cleaning kit options available to the law enforcement and military officers that protect us every day.  Get your Otis cleaning system at today and understand why it is the product of choice for maintaining your firearms.