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March 23, 2018

With recent events like the Parkland school shooting front and center in the public’s mind, it’s a good time to stop, think about, and reiterate the importance of a fundamental of law enforcement and tactical situations. Every officer and deputy must understand the basic mechanics of room clearance.

This element is extremely relevant today, so it bears repeating – every officer and deputy in the U.S. needs to know the basics of room clearance so that they can minimize carnage of the innocent and defenseless.

That’s where the Triumph Systems company comes in. They realized that one of the most common problems shooters face is that they’re usually not properly trained for high-stress situations. In other words, it’s one thing to go to a target range and shoot at static targets, but quite another to do so effectively under some form of stress.

So to help with this problem, they developed, along with the assistance of a Navy SEAL, a training aid called the Pivotal Trainer, a “Mobile Turning Target System.”

At its core, the Pivotal Trainer helps in two areas:

1) It provides time performance

2) It requires threat/no-threat cognitive decision-making processes

In other words, the Pivotal Trainer eliminates a shooter anticipating a target because they know it’s coming, and instead, forces the shooter to use their discretion before acting, a more realistic way to train.

When clearing a room in a public setting, it’s often difficult to decipher friend from foe, so this type of trainer helps train the shooter to think quickly and assess whether the person is a threat or not.

As the Navy SEAL who assisted on the development of this product so adroitly points out, “repetition and training win gunfights…in a high-stress situation, you default to your level of training. Period.”

In other words, using the Pivotal Trainer to gain repetitions in a high-stress scenario will train you to react properly and with instinct when the time comes for the real deal.

So how does the Pivotal Trainer train shooters for high-stress, tactical situations? Through two modes – manual and random. Using one of these two settings, the target turns – or pivots – from a side view to a full-on view, with the target either holding a gun (threat) or another object like a cell phone (non-threat). The shooter then must assess the threat and act accordingly.

Manual mode allows the user to control when and how the target turns, while random mode lets the user select what position from which they’ll train (holstered or non-holstered) and how long the target presents itself when it turns toward the shooter (from 1.5 seconds on up).

Pivotal Trainers are a high-value training aid ($379) that when invested in, provide outstanding simulation of real-time tactical situations.

These trainers can be used almost anywhere. They’re transportable – setup and breakdown take just minutes, and they’re also compact and lightweight at just 13 lbs.

A mounting bracket allows the Pivotal Trainer to be mounted almost anywhere, including doorframes. It comes with the aid’s frame, motor, motor protector, and RF remote control for easy use. It also comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery and battery charger, and has a run time of approximately two-and-a-half hours on auto mode and one hour on manual mode.

The Pivotal Trainer is a wise investment for any law enforcement department or agency, and goes a long way toward helping mitigate officer/agency liabilities. But more important, training with a Pivotal Trainer SAVES LIVES.

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