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Police Badges and Custom Badges

April 15, 2015

Law enforcement are not the only branch of public service that require badges, so CHIEF carries a selection of custom badges including police badges to fill any need. In emergency situations, the proper badge identifies who you are and what capacity you're serving in, so having the official badge for your position and title is essential. You'll always be properly identified when you get your badge from CHIEF. With top brands including Blackinton and Smith and Warren, you can design a professional custom badge in no time.

At CHIEF we also understand that identification includes accessories such as name plates and collar brass, and that carrying and displaying badges sometimes require badge holders, clips or wallets that accommodate police and custom badges. That's why we've created an entire department around supplying you with the badges and accessories you need for the job. With the selection of holders and wallets we carry, you will have no problem finding the size, style and cut you need for your personal badge.

Police Badges and Custom Badges for Juniors Too!

CHIEF also likes to allow kids to be involved in learning about public safety industries, and what the jobs entail. That's why some of the custom badges we offer include junior badges which are perfect for these types of children's events. The junior plastic badges are professionally designed and have an authentic look. Any junior police officer, deputy, firefighter or park ranger would be proud to pin or clip one of these official looking badges to their pocket. For an even more cost-effective way to reach out, we also carry custom stickers. These adhesive foil badges look every bit as official as their plastic and even metal counterparts, but at a far more affordable price point.

Providing you with proper professional identification, from sheriffs to EMS, police officers, highway patrol, fire marshals and more, CHIEF is the place to find the custom badges necessary for the job