Choosing the Right Push Bumper to Minimize Damage to Your Vehicle

December 03, 2016

There are many features on a patrol car that distinguish it from any other vehicle on the road. A push bumper is common on patrol cars, as they minimize damage to vehicles in the event of a “fender bender” or a hit of greater impact. CHIEF carries top brands of push bumpers, which include Setina, Pro-Gard, and Go Rhino to name a few. When you search among the selection of push bumpers available through CHIEF, you will see a number of different configurations, lengths, and models for different patrol cars and trucks.

Among the selection of push bumpers available through CHIEF, you will see bumpers that offer super protection for your vehicle’s grille, one of the most vulnerable places on a car during an accident. Each bumper is constructed with top quality craftsmanship and design. For example, Go Rhino’s push bumper provides optimal strength, with a fully welded one-piece body. Another feature of note on this particular bumper is that it will not interfere with SRS air bag systems. Some push bumpers are “light ready,” which means that the holes for lights are built into the bumper itself. Customers can then install patrol lights on the outside rim if they so choose.

Push bumpers not only distinguish a car as a patrol car, but they also serve to provide extra protection from deer and other road hazards. Because law enforcement are often required to drive through unexpectedly dangerous terrain, at high speeds in some cases, they need a vehicle that is ready for the most rigorous and hazardous conditions. CHIEF has assembled a selection of the best quality, most durable, and protective push bumpers for customers to choose from that will keep the car and the passengers safe. A push bumper also protects the body of the car, keeping it looking like new for years.

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