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July 13, 2018

With the hotter months upon us, it’s a good bet that you’re in search of ways to keep cooler on the job. That could include anything from trying to talk your superior into short-sleeve polos to wearing a cooling, dry-fit base layer under your uniform.

For those of you who wear tactical pants daily, you’re in luck, as many are now considered lightweight, thus helping you stay cooler in the warmer months, as well as feel lighter and less weighed down, especially when wearing a duty belt with your various tools and equipment – sidearm, flashlight, cuffs, binoculars, etc.

Tactical pants are a great option for those who need a tough pair of pants with a good amount of space so they’ll feel comfortable performing various duties and under potentially harsh conditions. The advantage of tactical pants is that they’re more durable than regular pants and often just as, if not more, comfortable to wear because of their relaxed fit.

Lightweight tactical pants are perfect for hot, humid climates and seasons, and offer the complete package – comfort, function and style.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a good pair of lightweight tactical pants:

· Fabric

· Fit

· Look

· Features (including belt loops and pockets)

· Durability

You’ll want to find a pair of pants that keeps you dry, cool and comfortable, and Propper’s Tactical Lightweight Pant is the perfect choice from a trusted company.

This bestselling pant features lightweight, breathable ripstop fabric (65% polyester/35% cotton) that’s fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant, so it’s good to go when you are and performs wonderful in the elements due in large part to its Teflon® fabric protector coating which acts to repel liquids and stains.

Propper excels at promoting comfort and a relaxed fit by instituting features like the action-stretch waistband, an elastic waistband that can stretch an extra four inches to allow for maximum room and mobility.

Fit and comfort are important, but if you’re wearing a pair of tactical pants, then chances are you’re carrying must-have items and need your pants to be highly functional as well. Propper’s lightweight tactical pants feature extra-large belt loops designed to hold a nylon duty belt and all of the gear you need to carry and is positioned to allow for side holsters. Additionally, the 9-pocket design features a deep rear pocket and a convenient internal wallet pocket so you’re ID and other important information remains secure. And they also boast a D-ring for your keys and tools.

Although they’re lightweight and comfortable, these pants are also rugged and dependable, with the seat and knees reinforced for extra durability.

The Propper tactical lightweight pant is a high quality, yet affordable option. And better yet, they tick all of the boxes – comfort and fit, durability and toughness, as well as look and features. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors to suit your preference, and be confident knowing that your tactical pants won’t prohibit your performance in the field.

5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants

Another great option to consider for a lightweight tactical pant is the Taclite Pro Pants by 5.11 Tactical. They also feature the lightweight ripstop fabric (65% polyester/35% cotton) which, although light and comfortable, remains tough and durable so you’re good to go in almost any situation.

They also boast the coveted Teflon® fabric protector to help them repel water and withstand dirt, mud, grime and various other stains.

However, for those who prefer a roomier feel, the Taclite Pro Pants take comfort one-step further with their gusseted construction in the crotch area for increased flexibility and full range of motion. This is perhaps most useful if you often find yourself seated or crouching, as you won’t have to worry as much about the pants bunching up in sensitive areas.

Like its Propper counterpart, the 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants offer an abundance of pockets and compartments, like a magazine/cell phone pocket and external knife pocket, so you shouldn’t have any issues carrying the equipment you need.

The Taclite Pro Pants are triple-stitched and come with bartacking at major seems and stress points which help ensure maximum durability, even under extreme conditions.

So whether you use them on the job, hunting, hiking or any other outdoor activity, the Taclite Pros are an outstanding investment that will hold up well and last you a long time.


Both the Propper Lightweight Tactical Pant and the 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pant offer many of the same features and benefits. Outstanding, trusted companies make both, so you can’t go wrong. The choice really comes down to the gusseted crotch of the 5.11 Tactical, as well as cost, with the Propper pant being the more cost-effective solution.