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Thorogood Fire Boots

January 14, 2016

Whether there is a burning building or a car accident, firemen and EMS professionals are always at the scene, prepared with the proper apparel, footwear and other gear. If you are a fireman or EMS professional looking for top quality footwear, consider a pair of Thorogood fire boots. Ask any professional working in the industry and he will tell you that the Thorogood brand is synonymous with quality, strength, longevity, and comfort. Thorogood shoes are the “go to” brand for firemen and EMS professionals who want to feel supported and who do not want to be constantly thinking about their uniform. No matter what the call may be, firemen who are outfitted in Thorogood station boots can rest assured they are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Thorogood Fire Boots is the Trusted Brand for Firefighters. Perhaps one of the most items for firemen is the Thorogood fire boots. Insulated, felt-lined, with a sturdy lug sole, these boots provide comfort and the perfect amount of structure. Firemen need to have safety as their top priority. For this reason, our boot is waterproof, slip resisting, and made from a heat-resistant rubber. The Thorogood station boots meet N.F.P.A. requirements. For added comfort, these boots have cushioned shin guards and heel reinforcement. Designed with a firemanor EMS professional in mind, you will be hard pressed to find a boot that is as comfortable as Thorogood’s designs. Comfort is especially important when you consider how many hours a day firemen spend in uniform. For this reason alone, you need a comfortable, well-fitting uniform, which includes boots that keep you protected and feeling great.

The last thing firemen and EMS professionals want to worry about is whether or not their apparel or footwear can handle the tough tasks they endure. When you trust Thorogood, you never have to think twice about it!