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Under Armour Tactical Boots

October 06, 2014

Under Armor is synonymous with high-quality sporting apparel, but when you need durable footwear, nothing beats Under Armor tactical boots. Under Armor’s goal of producing the most technically advanced apparel fits right in with Chief’s mission to bring you the best clothing available, and that extends to footwear. We know that public safety jobs are some of the toughest and most demanding, and that’s why we opted to add Under Armor to our line-up of heavy-duty, long-lasting boots. All Under Armor products serve you in some way, whether you’re a firefighter, law enforcement officer, in the military or just have a demanding lifestyle.

Under Armor t-shirts, shorts, socks, underwear, workout wear and leggings are all designed with superior construction and are guaranteed to get you through your toughest day. You can expect no less from Under Armor tactical boots. Just like all Under Armor clothing, they’re lightweight and breathable, yet they’re water resistant and offer excellent support. You choose boots as footwear for the added ankle support and protection, but with Under Armor you also get a sock liner of molded OrthoLite, as well as a TPU toe cap and heel clip for additional support and protection of your whole foot.

Huge Selection of Under Armor Tactical Boots To Choose From

Men and women in public safety both love Under Armor tactical boots for their grueling jobs, but keep in mind that you can get the entire Under Armor line at Chief. Heat gear boot socks, compression shirts, tactical tees, hoods, caps and more, we have it all. Make out your list and browse around. You’ll find that Chief not only offers the best products, but we have the best prices, too. It’s our way of serving those who serve us. No matter what your job demands of you, you can count on Chief to bring you the apparel and gear that will help you meet those demands.