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April 04, 2018

Choosing the right tactical shirt can go a long way toward helping ensure your peak performance when performing a variety of tasks, jobs, or functions, including military and law enforcement duties, as well as outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and hiking.

This style of shirt is constructed to be tough and durable, while at the same time being comfortable and easy to wear.

The right tactical shirt can become a go-to uniform or apparel choice for both on and off the job.

So what elements should you look for in a tactical shirt? This depends largely on you and the shirt’s use, be that law enforcement, military, outdoorsmen, or mission-driven tactical situations.  Let’s take a look. There’s no one-size fits all shirt for everyone, so stop and think about your daily duties and what you need to perform them to the best of your ability.

You want a tactical shirt that can stand up to harsh conditions, including bad weather conditions, rough terrain, and rugged operations.

Choose the right fit

This ensures that you’re comfortable at all times and that you’re likely to actually wear the shirt. Remember, much like choosing the right pair of shoes, different brands often have a different fit, even with the same size, so finding the right fit may entail some trial and error.

Fabric an important factor

Should you pick a shirt made of traditional cotton fabrics or opt for one made of synthetic materials? Synthetic fabrics often do a much better job wicking away moisture – be it rain or sweat – and therefore help keep you cool and dry.

Color options

As more and more people opt for the functionality and comfort of a good, quality tactical shirt, manufacturers are increasing the number of available colors. You may be limited by your job or department in the color you can wear, but if not, you have a wide assortment of colors from which to choose.

The right look for you

Much in the same vein of color options, depending on your job or what you’re wanting the tactical shirt to do, a variety of looks and styles are available. Are you looking for something strictly to wear at your job, or are you looking for more of a hybrid that you can wear on the job and casually transition to a more informal, social situation?

Let’ take a look at several tactical shirt options that may be right for you.

5.11 Tactical Taclite TDU Long Sleeve Shirt

5.11 boasts its revolutionary Taclite fabric which keeps you cool and dry in hot and humid conditions. How? By using a four-ounce poly cotton ripstop fabric which is both highly breathable and durable.

This shirt also features a bi-swing shoulder which promotes a wider range of motion, perfect when your duties require a high degree of activity. Lending to durability, the Taclite TDU shirt is triple-stitched and bartacked in high stress areas, meaning it will stand up to rugged wear and tear.

This shirt is available in an array of sizes, as well as several color options, including black, navy, green, and gray.

Tru-Spec TRU Xtreme Tactical Shirts

When it comes to the Tru-Spec TRU Xtreme Tactical Shirt, the name says it all – Xtreme. This shirt is designed to handle the most extreme and tough conditions. Its SuperFabric technology uses fabrics that make the shirt extremely durable, breathable, comfortable, and stain-resistant.

It also features external elbow pockets for elbow-pad inserts which can stand up to wear and tear and increase abrasion resistance so that when you’re in extreme conditions, you’ll remain well protected.

This shirt has a number of pockets for carrying and storing everything from a cell phone to important documents, and also includes several hidden-zipper pockets. Other benefits include a squaretail which lets you wear the shirt inside or outside your pants.

 BLACKHAWK TacLife 1730 Shirt

If you’re looking for a tactical shirt that is highly functional, yet not your typical drab dark, solid color, the BLACKHAWK TacLife 1730 Shirt may be right for you. You’ll find many of the bells and whistles you want in a tactical shirt – rain and stain-resistant, lightweight, tough, reinforced seams, hidden pockets – but with the 1730, it’s really all about comfort and style.

The stretch fabric ensures a comfortable fit in any situation. However, if you’re looking for that high-degree of function with a little style thrown in, you’ll appreciate not only the comfort, but the color schemes as well. This includes a blue plaid as well as a green plaid, so you can feel comfortable in any social situation as well as any tactical environment.

Dickies Ventilated Short Sleeve Tactical Shirt

If you live or work in a warm-weather climate, then the Dickies Ventilated Short Sleeve Tactical Shirt is a great option to consider. It features ventilated mesh panels on the sides of the shirt which go a long way in helping keep you cool in hot conditions.

The flex fabric allows for ease of movement, and the moisture-wicking fabric qualities help keep you dry and cool. It also features the array of pockets you want in a tactical shirt, including a sunglasses loop for convenience in taking your shades on and off.

Propper Women’s Light Weight Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt

A well-constructed, lightweight tactical shirt, the Propper Women’s Long Sleeve features the DuPont Teflon fabric protector, and is a stylish option for both on duty and off. A variety of pockets means you can conveniently carry what you need without sacrificing comfort.

The gusseted underarm also increases range of motion, so you can better perform your duties when the time arises. This shirt comes in black and navy, as well as a variety of sizes.

Whether you need a tactical shirt for work or just like the style and feel, choosing the right tactical shirt can help you perform your duties at the highest levels, or just add confidence to your everyday outlook.

Check out the recommendations above, or browse from our huge selection of tactical shirts from all the top brands.

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