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Concealed Carry Duty Gear Kit (C-KIT)

Concealed Carry Duty Gear Kit (C-KIT)


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The C-Kit from ASP is all about the plain clothes officer and comes with 1 each of: A-40 Airweight Baton (52223), Concealable Scabbard (52444), Ultra Aluminum Bow Chain Cuffs (56110), Ballistic Investigator Cuff Case (56135), Tungsten Duel Fuel Flashlight with Charge Kit (35710), Tungsten Tactical Light Case (35640). See short description below with links to individual items if you would prefer to purchase the items separately.

A-40 Airweight Baton (52223) -The ASP Agent baton is ideal for plainclothes investigators, undercover officers and every day carry. This baton is discreet and lightweight. This baton features a Disc Loc locking system and can be retracted with a simple push of the cap. The Nexus clip comes with each Agent baton and can be removed or re-positioned to suit the desires of any user. It also allows you to carry the baton tip up or tip down to enhance concealment or ease of accessibility.

Concealable Scabbard (52444) -This NEW scabbard rotates to 7 distinct positions for comfort in carrying, it is compatible with both the Agent 40 and the protector 16 batons and allows for rapid and efficient presentation when most needed. 

Ultra Aluminum Bow Chain Cuffs (56110) - Ultra Cuffs are the first forged aluminum rigid frame restraint. Because of this, they are strong enough so as not to bend, yet remain lightweight to save your back. The locksets are unitized and replaceable. The swivel chain is hand welded stainless steel. The aluminum bow is rounded to prevent injury, therefore lowering the risk of liability. It has a flat contact surface allowing for a positive application under stressful situations. The Double Lock Indicator is highly visible for ease of use. 

Ballistic Investigator Cuff Case (56135) - The investigator ballistic handcuff case provides a low profile, pull through carrier for chain/hinge style handcuffs.

Tungsten Duel Fuel Flashlight with Charge Kit (35710) -This Flashlight might be pocket-sized, but the distinctive Tungsten packs a punch, blazing 475 lumens for more than a football field in distance. The “Double Tap” option drops the light down to a low 15 lumen setting with just a quick, second press of the tail switch. Includes high-performance ASP 18650 rechargeable battery, battery storage case, retractable charging cord, wall adaptor, car adaptor, adjustable/removable pocket clip, and zippered ballistic travel case.

Tungsten Tactical Light Case (35640) -The Tungsten TLC rotates 360 degrees to 12 distinct positions. Unlike most cases, it carries the light lens in the downward position not only to protect the light but also to allow for a smooth draw in a natural grip with your thumb on the switch or leave it in the case for hands free use too.