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Basic Kit (B-KIT)

Basic Kit (B-KIT)


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The B-Kit from ASP is all about the plain clothes officer and comes with 1 each of: S21 Sentry Baton (52400), Federal Scabbard (52438), Ultra Steel Bow Chain Cuffs (56109), Federal Cuff Case (56140), Poly CR (35626, Poly Tactical Light Case (35640), Roll Bag, Small (59505), Three Disc Combination Lock (59508). See short description below with links to individual items if you would prefer to purchase the items separately.

S21 Sentry Baton (52400) - The distinctive Strike Force grip of the Sentry Baton is complemented by 4130 steel shafts and a black nickel finish.

Federal Scabbard (52438) - This scabbard holds an F-Series Baton in either the retracted or expanded mode, ready for rapid presentation, while providing secure retention during dynamic confrontations. The scabbard rotates through 7 click-stop detent positions in a 180 degree arc, so it will not rotate beyond horizontal and compromise the security of the baton. It features an adjustable internal clip that lets you set the amount of baton retention to your preference. 

Ultra Steel Bow Chain Cuff (56109) - The Ultra Cuff is available with a steel or aluminum bow that is rounded to prevent injury, therefore lowering the risk of liability. It has a flat contact surface allowing for a positive application under stressful situations. The Double Lock Indicator is highly visible for ease of use. Double side key-way and replaceable lock-set so if something goes wrong you don't have to buy a whole new set of cuffs.

Federal Case (56140) - Federal cuff cases feature an inset back and pull through retention snap.Each case incorporates an integral back pocket and includes an auxiliary handcuff key. This case is compatible with ASP Chain and Hinge restraints.

Poly CR (35626) -This polymer-body performance tactical flashlight is built to be the finest, brightest, most advanced law enforcement lighting tool in the industry. The poly exterior, mated to an aluminum internal frame and wrapped with our exclusive foamed vinyl grip, is preferred by some users for its tactile comfort in cold weather. Premium components include a Cree XPG2 LED, gold-plated connectors, polished aluminum reflector and optical glass lens. A quick "double tap" of the switch activates a secondary/low setting at 15 lumens. A 3-position twist selector allows choice of intermittent, constant-on, or locked.

Poly Tactical Light Case (35640) -The Poly TLC rotates 360 degrees to 12 distinct positions. Unlike most cases, it carries the light lens in the downward position not only to protect the light but also to allow for a smooth draw in a natural grip with your thumb on the switch or leave it in the case for hands free use too.

Roll Bag (59505) - This Roll Bag is ASP's high-quality take on a utilitarian standby. It’s crafted of fully-lined ballistic weave fabric, with heavy-duty, reinforced web handles that surround the bag for strength and support. The full-length zipper opens wide to allow easy packing and access to training or fitness gear, clothing, duty or range gear, books and more.

Three Disc Combination Lock (59508) - These small but tough steel locks let you choose your combination from 1000 possible options. They’re perfect for luggage, gun cases, patrol bags, tool boxes, lockers and more.