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Cutting-Edge Technology and Design Duty Belt Kit (T-KIT)

Cutting-Edge Technology and Design Duty Belt Kit (T-KIT)


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The Cutting-Edge Technology and Design Duty Belt Kit from ASP is one of a kind! You're going to love every item in this kit because they have all of the upgrades and updated technology and design in gear for your duty belt so you have the best! The kit includes 1 each of: T-50 Push Button Baton with K-Coat (22411), Envoy Scabbard, Black (52446), Ultra Cuff Chain, Steel Bow (56109), Duty Case, Black (56131), XT DF with Charge Kit (35639), XT TLC (35640) - See below for details:

Push Button T-50 Baton with K-Coat (22411) -The Talon Baton from ASP is a revolutionary design using two opposing discs that cam into an internal groove that is machined into each tube. Lockout is simple, stable and secure. Positive expansion complements push button retraction. Retract your Talon Baton by depressing the release button. It is no longer necessary to strike the tip of the baton to collapse it. The Baton can be expanded by sharply flicking the baton straight up or down or (if you're boring) by pulling the tip with your hand.

Black Envoy Scabbard (52446) -A compact, reduced form carrier for the ASP Talon Baton. The Envoy Scabbard is designed for those officers who prefer a closed front baton case. The carrier adjusts to a variety of belt widths and rotates to 7 distinct positions.

Ultra Steel Bow Chain Cuff (56109) - The Ultra Cuff is available with a steel or aluminum bow that is rounded to prevent injury, therefore lowering the risk of liability. It has a flat contact surface allowing for a positive application under stressful situations. The Double Lock Indicator is highly visible for ease of use. Double side key-way and replaceable lock-set so if something goes wrong you don't have to buy a whole new set of cuffs.

Black Duty Case (56131) -This cuff case is produced using inset construction and incorporates a self adjusting cover and elastic walls allow it to house a variety of handcuff styles.

XT Duel Fuel Duty Flashlight with Charge Kit (35639) -The Triad XT flashlight features a foamed vinyl grip and a hard coat anodized aerospace aluminum body for extreme durability and comfort. The Cree XPG2 LED meets the ANSI FL1 Standard for lumens. The rear switch rotates to allow for intermittent, locked and constant positioning. The Triad XT has an additional mode switch that can cycle through full power, 60 lumen, and strobe. These settings function independently of the rear mounted activation switch to avoid confusion when operating the light each time. Full strength 530 lumen with approximate run-time of 3 hours

XT TLC (35640) - The TLC rotates 360 degrees to 12 distinct positions. Unlike most cases, it carries the light lens in the downward position not only to protect the light but also to allow for a smooth draw in a natural grip with your thumb on the switch. The 360-degree rotation allows for hands-free use while the flashlight is still in the case.The street-tough case snaps securely over any belt, and is adjustable for a custom fit on belts from 1" to 2.5" wide.