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Time-Tested, Ever-Popular Belt Gear Kit (F-KIT)

Time-Tested, Ever-Popular Belt Gear Kit (F-KIT)


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The time-tested duty gear favorites kit from ASP is all about the industry favorites! The kit comes with 1 each of: F-21 Black Chrome/Foam Baton (52411), Black Sidebreak Scabbard (52432), Ultra Steel Bow Chain Cuff (56109), Black Duty Case (56131), Triad Duty Flashlight with Charge Kit (35625), Triad Tactical Light Case (35640). You can also buy each of these items separately if desired, but buying them in the kit will save you money.

F-21 Black Chrome/Foam Baton (52411) - The ASP Friction Loc Baton is the most tactically sophisticated impact weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel. This one will be 21" Black and Chrome with a Foam grip.

Black Sidebreak Scabbard (52432) - The rotating SideBreak swivels to 12 distinct positions or may be locked in place on the duty belt.  

Ultra Steel Bow Chain Cuff (56109) - Ultra Cuffs are the first forged aluminum rigid frame restraint with a steel bow. They incorporate the innovative advances in handcuff design that were pioneered by ASP into a lighter weight design.

Black Duty Case (56131) -This cuff case is produced using inset construction and incorporates a self adjusting cover and elastic walls allow it to house a variety of handcuff styles.

Triad Duty Flashlight with Charge Kit (35625) - The Dual Fuel version of the street-proven Triad platform―runs on the included 18650 rechargeable battery or optional CR123A primary cells. 3 hours at 550 lumen and 222 meters of light.

Triad Tactical Light Case (35640) - ASP's most popular flashlight accessory―not just a holster, but a multi-position, hands-free illumination tool.