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Take the time and energy to protect your gun and keep it in proper firing condition with Break-Free gun cleaner. We offer both Break-Free Precision Shooter and Break-Free Gun Cleaning Lubricant, designed to clean, lubricate and protect metal in the most effective way possible. CLP is Break-Free’s signature product, and is now recognized the world over as the standard by which maximum metal performance and protection are ensured. Break-Free’s gun cleaner products help prevent rust in hard to reach areas and keep your firearms in the proper state to be most effective. Choose from a variety of sizes, whether you need a small .68 ounce to keep handy, or a larger gallon size to ensure you have a full supply on hand for a larger collection of firearms. When it comes to the safety and performance of your firearms, look to CHIEF as your go-to source, and Break-Free as the brand that will keep you firing at optimal precision.