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Bright Star

Bright Star, a leader in portable lighting and power solutions for over 100 years, is committed to the safety and needs of its customers. Since the 1930s, Bright Star has forged ahead creating technologies that make their flashlights the best for use in hazardous locations and situations. And here at CHIEF, we’re proud to stock a selection of Bright Star flashlights, including Class I, Division I rated flashlights which are those rated the safest in the most hazardous environments. Bright Star utilizes the most reliable battery technology on the market, so that all of their flashlights feature long run times and fast recharge times. Browse a variety of styles and features, from rechargeable utility LED lanterns to first responder right angle LED flashlights. We also stock an array of colors, from black and yellow to orange and Hi-Vis green, so you’re sure to find not only the style of flashlight you need, but the color you want as well. At CHIEF, we know the cost of your equipment can quickly add up, so we have a Bright Star flashlight to fit your budget.