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Protect your vehicle from collisions with another vehicle or barrier, whether intentional or accidental, with push bumpers or guards. Constructed from welded steel or aluminum, push bumpers allow you to use your patrol car for a variety of functions, from pushing disabled vehicles off of the road to using it as a battering ram for knocking down fences or other simple structures. Here at CHIEF, we carry an array of push bumpers, including universal push bumpers and aluminum push bumpers for cars and SUVs. We also stock bumpers with pads and headlight guards. Our push bumpers—from Pro Gard Products and Setina—are designed to be long lasting, durable, and meant to withstand the wear and tear that comes with the job. Most are easy to install so you don’t have to worry about wasting time and getting frustrated. For more information on how to protect your vehicle with a push bumper, take a look at our article Choosing the Right Push Bumper to Minimize Damage to Your Vehicle.