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Disaster Preparedness

Whether you’re on the job, hitting the highway, riding out a storm, or anything else, you know that disaster can and does rear its ugly head at any time. That’s why it’s critical to be prepared for whatever situation may arise. CHIEF Supply offers a full line of disaster preparedness items to keep you safe and ready. We have road safety flares, emergency kits, portable chargers, power banks, and LED lanterns with emergency flashers. Stuck in the cold on the side of the road? Stay warm with one of our all-weather blankets as well as hand and feet warmers. Stay powered up in the dark with one of our flashlights featuring a cell phone charging port. We also proudly carry the Brite-Strike Lightning Strike Personal Protection System, specifically designed as a personal protection system for women. Browse gear from trusted brands like Orion Safety, Grabber, and PowerAll. Don’t get caught unprepared when disaster strikes. Instead, ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones, and stock up on the items you’ll need to be safe.