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Fire/Rescue Tools

When you’re heading into a burning structure or a locked space, you want to be assured that your rescue tools are going to effectively get you in and out quickly and will assist in all lifesaving measures. CHIEF proudly stocks a wide range of firefighter and rescue tools from top brands like Nupla and Streamlight. We are you go-to source for fire axes, from flat-head fire axes to pick-head fire axes with either slim line or hickory handles. Here at CHIEF, you’ll discover so much more than fire axes. We have all the firefighter tools you need for you and your company to handle any situation that comes your way. Stock your station with halligan tools, pry bars, and classic fire shovels, as well as heavy-duty bolt cutters, rubber mallets and sledgehammers, and wire rope and cable cutters. Aluminum scoops, fire rakes, and brooms round out the collection of firefighter tools, so that you can shop for everything you need in one convenient spot. Trust in CHIEF as your only source for all of your firefighter and rescue tools.