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Flashlight Accessories

Flashlights are one of the most useful tools for a variety of professions – law enforcement, firefighting, military, EMS – as well as everyday life for many of us. But there’s more than just flashlights when it comes to illumination purposes. Flashlight accessories come in many forms and are useful across all professions, which is why CHIEF stocks a large selection for everything you may need on the job.

Here you’ll find an array of flashlight holsters – in both nylon and leather – so you can handily store your torch and have quick access to it when needed. We carry a wide assortment of batteries, as well as battery chargers, battery backs and battery holders, so you’re never without power.

Our flashlight accessories span from mounts and retaining clips to replacement bulbs – LED and halogen – and traffic and safety wands. You’ll also discover our duty belt kits which include not only a flashlight, but also handcuffs, baton and cases for your accessories.

With industry-leading brands like 5.11 Tactical, Brite-Strike Technologies, Mag Instrument and Streamlight, you know you’re getting top-quality, durable flashlight accessories and equipment. And for more information on selecting the right flashlight for you, read our article, Choosing Flashlights for Policemen.

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