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A day in the life of law enforcement means encountering all kinds of people and situations. From making traffic stop arrests to drug busts or chasing a suspect through the streets, handcuffs are necessary to restrain your subject. Law enforcement personnel of all stripes will appreciate CHIEF’s extensive collection of heavy-duty, steel handcuffs. Here you’ll discover everything from universal handcuffs to leg irons and chains. We stock both hinge and chain handcuffs, so there’s something for every preference. We also have max security handcuffs – great for transporting prisoners – and oversize handcuffs that provide the best security for those with larger wrists and bone structures. Rigid handcuffs add an extra layer of security of power and control, while our selection of ballistic handcuff cases keeps your hardware protected and easily accessible. Choose from a black or nickel finish from industry-leading brands like ASP, Kroll International, and Monadnock. We carry handcuffs for any and all situations at a price point to match every budget so that you can feel assured you’ve got plenty of options to restrain anyone you encounter.