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Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, often called commemorative coins or memorial coins, are keepsakes that represent the personal pride for those who serve their communities, be they law enforcement, EMS, or firefighting. They make wonderful gifts to celebrate a milestone or other special occasion or commemoration. Often, they’ll become heirlooms which get passed on through families from one generation to the next, and represent a loved one’s sacrifice and service to their community or country. With brass/gold plating, our challenge coins by V H Blackinton represent a variety of service personnel, from EMS and police to fire and rescue. We also stock the St. Florian challenge coin, as the patron saint of firefighters, which includes the fireman’s prayer, as well as the St. Michael challenge coin, as the patron saint of law enforcement, and it too features the officer’s prayer. Law enforcement challenge coins are often presented by a unit commander as a way to recognize outstanding service or a special achievement. Here at CHIEF, we believe service, sacrifice and achievement should be honored, and that’s why we proudly carry these fine challenge coins.