Police Communication

Police officers can tell you how important communication equipment is in order for a professional in these industries to perform at his or her best. Police officers, firefighters, EMS professionals, and military personnel are often working in emergency situations, and fast-paced environments. First responder professionals are expected make life/death decisions in a moment, and effective communication is key.


CHIEF has affordable communication equipment that will not fail, even in the most demanding situations. Whether you are looking for earphones, voice recorders, police radios, a lapel mic, mic adapters, headsets, and other media devices, we have a plentiful selection. We specialize in carrying high quality brand name products such as Vertex Radios, Veho Muvi and the TopDawgDash Cam all in one place so you don’t waste your time searching.


The importance of having dependable and reliable communication equipment cannot be overstressed, especially when working in demanding fields like law enforcement and firefighting. Communication equipment is one area where you cannot afford to cut corners. CHIEF offers some of the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality.