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Survival Kit

Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, fire and rescue, EMT, or an avid outdoorsman, it’s critical to keep a good survival kit with you for when an emergency arises. Preparedness is key and is often crucial to saving someone’s life. Therefore, look to CHIEF for survival kits, emergency kits and other emergency supplies you need. Here you’ll discover everything from emergency lanterns and all-weather blankets to headlamps and fire starters. We stock a vast selection of roadside emergency flares, as well as emergency kits designed for roadside assistance and heat stress. No matter the situation, we have you covered, with combat application tourniquets, emergency drinking water packets, waterproof flashlights and a key tool for any situation, tactical survival knives. Choose from industry-leading brands like Brite-Strike Technologies, Life Gear, Survivor Industries and Orion Safety. Trust CHIEF as your go-to source for all of your survival and emergency kit and equipment needs.