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Vehicle Organizers

Organization is a key in the life of any good law enforcement officer. Remember that for most of your eight-hour shift, your squad car is both your office and home, so you must do everything you can to make it feel comfortable while also being able to access your tools and equipment exactly when you need it. It is imperative that you organize your duty gear, mount electronics, and secure your weapons, which is why we stock top-quality police seat organizers, shelving, and other organization tools to make your job as streamlined and convenient as possible. Here at CHIEF, you’ll find a variety of vehicle organizers for popular patrol-car models like the Chevy Caprice, Ford Interceptor, and Dodge Charger, from trusted brands like Gamber-Johnson and Uncle Mike’s. And for a complete guide on what to carry and how to organize your duty bag, check out our article, Shopping for a Police Duty Bag.