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Active Shooter Kit

Prepare for the worst-case scenario with an active shooter kit and accessories designed to keep you and others safe and protected in an active shooter situation. We stock the tools you need like first aid kits, body armor, tactical gear bags and much more.


Air Epidemic Collection

Americana - America forever!

Share your love of the red, white and blue with apparel, pins, patches and other accessories from our Americana collection. Proudly display your patriotism and pay respect to our American flag or choose the perfect gift for your patriotic loved one.


Firefighter Cancer Prevention

Take steps to protect yourself from contaminants and other exposures that can potentially lead to a variety of diseases including cancer. Stock up on decontamination wipes and sprays, gloves, hoods, goggles and other accessories to help keep you safe and healthy.


Natural Disasters Kit

Organization - Each thing has its place

Keep your patrol car in order with help from our collection of car organization equipment and accessories. From car seat organizers to lock boxes, clipboards and trunk organizers, we have what you need so that you can locate your gear at a moment’s notice.


Outdoors gear

Personal Safety Devices

Prepare yourself for any danger you may encounter by browsing our full collection of personal safety and self-defense devices. We stock everything from palm defenders and flashlights to folding knives, personal alarms and date-rape drug testing kits, so you and your loved ones stay safe.


Roadside Emergency

Whether it’s a minor fender bender or an overheated vehicle leaving you stranded along the road, roadside emergencies happen, and the best way to deal with these annoyances is by preparing your vehicle for whatever may come. Create an emergency road kit from our extensive selection of roadside emergency supplies.


Shooting Range Kit

Hit the range for some shooting time and brush up on your skills. Don’t forget to stock up on shooting range gear to take with you, including targets, ear and eye protection, gloves, gun cleaning kits and range bags.