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Products - FAQ

Where is your sizing information?

Sizing varies by manufacturer. Sizing information specific to that brand is listed with any product on our website that has sizing options. All our available sizing information is also listed here.

Yes. Law and/or company policy restricts the sale of some items and/or requires written authorization. Items including but not limited to badges, body armor, vehicle equipment, auto opening tools and automatic knives can be ordered only by authorized professionals.

In order for us to process your order, follow these instructions: How to Order Restricted Items. Otherwise, orders for these items will not be processed. 


Do you have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available?

Yes. If we have MSDS for a product, it will appear on that product's information page. Or, browse all our MSDS in PDF or Word formats »


Can any of your products be personalized?

CHIEF can customize almost any garment that we sell.

CHIEF can also add sew-on patches to garments bought from CHIEF. Your department has to send the patches. A patch cannot be over 4.5" across at its widest point. Cost is $5 per garment. For more details, call . 

How do I get to the surveying supplies?

Supplies and gear for surveying, engineering and construction are available at CHIEF Survey »


I want CHIEF to be a distributor for my products. What do I do? 

Get your message right in front of our decision-makers: Fill out our email form and select Subject: "Product/ Vendor Suggestions". Thank you for your interest in CHIEF!

For more about CHIEF, see Info for Manufacturers » 

What is "XSPSPCL"?

"XSPSPCL" is a special part number we use for ordering non-stock products. It shows up on invoices or when you check your online account. If you have questions about this product and/or your order, call your CHIEF account manager at  for more information.


I don't see the answer to my question. What now?

Try checking another section of our FAQ, Help or Resources. You can also contact us via phone or email.