221B Tactical Guardian Glove Hdx (Heavy Duty), Black

221B Tactical Guardian Glove Hdx (Heavy Duty), Black


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These gloves are the heavy duty version of the original Guardian Glove. The Guardian Glove HDX provides even greater protection than the Guardian Glove while still allowing amazing dexterity for a glove that offers this level of protection.

Offering full 360 degree level 5 Spectra Lining, you now have the highest level of cut, slash and abrasion protection around every inch of your hands… 360 degrees around every finger.

Spectra® fiber is one of the strongest and lightest fibers available. A bright white polyethylene, it is 15 times stronger than steel, more durable than polyester and has a specific strength that is 40% greater than aramid fiber.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% Spectra Lining protects not only palms but also the back and sides of the hand; and 360 degrees around each finger
  • Armor Skin on the palm and finger tips for added strength, durability, protection and grip
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for smart phone/touch-screen capability
  • Molded, High Density rubber on the back of the hands to protect fingers, knuckles and the back of hands
  • Superior cut, slash a(more...)