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5 Star Gear Nbc M1 Canteen Cap - Od Green

5 Star Gear Nbc M1 Canteen Cap - Od Green


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The mil-spec NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) M1 Canteen Cap is used for hydration with one and two quart canteens while wearing military gas masks. They include a valved drinking cap that permits use of the tubed drinking apparatus on military gas masks for hydration when masks are being worn. The NBC mask adapter has a pressure valve fitting gasket, cover, and a coupling with a self- sealing valve. The fit is for standard military one and two quart canteens or NATO standard 28mm military canteens.

  • Made from BPA free heavy duty plastic
  • Designed to allow user to hydrate while wearing gas mask
  • Will fit standard 1qt. or 2qt. Canteens
  • Self-sealing valve will attach to drink hose of any standard NATO gas mask
  • Made in USA