5.11 Tactical Tac A2 Duty Gloves, Black


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5.11’s most popular duty glove! The 5.11 Tac-A2 is an all-around duty and tactical glove, perfect for everyday wear. Lightweight construction allows better sensitivity during pat-downs than most leather gloves, while the snug fit also makes the Tac-A2 a great choice for a shooting glove.

Whether you’re drawing a sidearm or patting down a perp, 5.11 gloves, Built Tough by Ironclad, answer the call.By partnering with Ironclad Performance Wear, 5.11 Tactical gloves set new standards for dexterity, fit, and durability, while providing you with gloves you can depend on. 5.11’s commitment to functional innovation and unparalleled quality, combined with Ironclad’s dedication to superior fit and tactility, means you can trust 5.11 gloves as you navigate through the day’s challenges

  • Tactical Touch precision-fit fingertips for maximum dexterity and comfort (U.S. Patent 7,287,285) Tactical Touch precision fit fingertips
  • 5.11 Tactical Touch fingertips eliminates the fingertip seam that impedes tactility in other gloves and improves fit at the most critical part of the glove your fingertips
  • Synthetic leather su(more...)