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American Trade Mark Co Accountability Cone

American Trade Mark Co Accountability Cone


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American Trade Mark Co. has designed the accountability cone for situations where the fire department cannot dedicate personnel to collect tags at the entry points. The accountability cone can be placed at the entry point for crews to place their accountability tags on the rings prior to entering the structure. Crews would then retrieve their tags immediately upon exiting the structure. This also allows the Outside Sector or Operations Officer to monitor the tags without having to carry them around while performing other duties. We give you two options with the accountability cone, you can buy the cone and sign together or you can purchase just the sign for use on any traffic cone you already have.

  • 36" High (if purchased with cone)
  • Sign “Hang Tags Here” Includes two large rings for tag collection
  • Sign will fit down into the top of the cone
  • Accountability Tags and Clips are Sold Separately