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American Trade Mark Co Apparatus Collector For Passport Style Strips


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Passport Style Accountability is a system that was developed by the Seattle, Washington Fire Dept. This system is comprised of Name Strips for all responders and “Passports” for all apparatus. Responders carry three name strips on their helmet (attached by hook & loop), they take a name strip and place it on the apparatus passport to show the crew from that apparatus. Upon arrival the passport is taken by the Officer and turned into command or an Accountability Officer who will record the crew’s assignment.

The Passport Apparatus Collector is a 4" x 2" durable plastic with an Apparatus ID engraved at the top. It works with a hook and loop system featuring hook on the back to attach to loop on a board and hook on the front to attach name strips with loop backing (name strips sold separately).

  • 4" x 2" Durable Plastic
  • Engraved Apparatus ID at Top
  • Velcro Loop on Front
  • Velcro Hook on Back

Please note that our Customer Service Department will give you a call to confirm details for the Apparatus ID.