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American Trade Mark Co Case Commander Incident Command System

American Trade Mark Co Case Commander Incident Command System


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The Case Commander™ Incident Command System from American Trade Mark Co. will allow the Incident Commander to easily track assignments of personnel and apparatus through the use of the National Incident Management System. Incident Commanders must coordinate many activities in rapid succession and in order to do this you need a well designed command system.

The Case Commander comes in a heavy duty case with built in wheels and legs that allows the commander to position the command post with the best view of the scene. This system features a dry erase surface with space for size up notes, strategic & tactical planning, assignments, PAR, special hazards, tactical considerations etc. There is also a timer clock with an alarm to track times and facilitate prompt PAR reports. Included are 50 custom engraved magnetic tags representing your apparatus and officers, these tags are typically engraved with the Radio designations of all Department Officers, Apparatus, as well as common Tasks and Mutual Aid Companies.

  • Fully N.I.M.S. Compliant
  • Heavy Duty Case with Built-In Wheels and Legs
  • Large Clock with Timer and Alarm
  • LED Light
  • Large Dry Erase Surfaces Printed with Incident Command Worksheet
  • 50 Custom Engraved Magnetic Tags (Additional Tags Can Be Purchased)
  • Dry Erase Markers and Erasers Included
  • Storage Area Below Lower Board