Armasight Lens For Bhs Command Series Bi-Ocular, Quick Disconnect


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FLIR BHS-Series Bi-Ocular Quick Disconnect lenses.

Customize thermal capability for specific tasks by selecting from one of these three available lens options:

  • 35mm
    • BHS-X Field of View: 13° x 10°
    • BHS-XR Field of View: 18° x 13°
  • 65mm
    • BHS-X Field of View: 7° x 5°
    • BHS-XR Field of View: 10° x 8°
  • 100mm extended range
    • BHS-X Field of View: 5° x 3°
    • BHS-XR Field of View: 6° x 4°

Each of these high-performance thermal lenses allows rapid field exchange via the integral quick disconnect feature. The lenses are lightweight and easily focused, which reduces arm strain during long viewing sessions.