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ASP Centurion Chain/Hinge Handcuff Case

ASP Centurion Chain/Hinge Handcuff Case


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ASP Centurion Handcuff Cases are a benchmark blend of the finest materials and a clean, functional designs. Each ASP Centurion Case incorporates an integral back pocket. Like all ASP handcuff carriers, the ASP Centurion Handcuff Pouch provide secure retention of an emergency key for the officer. The key pocket is placed out of sight on the back of the handcuff case. The distinctive forged ASP Pentagon Handcuff Key is concealed from the public, yet easily accessible to the officer. It is not tied to the operator or the equipment.

The ASP Centurion Handcuff Carrier is available in Plain Black, Black Basketweave, Black Ballistic, and Black ASPtec finishes.