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ASP Federal Paddle Scabbard

ASP Federal Paddle Scabbard


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Secure Retention, Instant Access

Protection. Portation. Presentation.The three criteria of any baton scabbard. Each carrier must define a compromise between security and speed of presentation. It must provide a level of protection without compromising access. The case must secure the baton without hindering rapid deployment.
ASP Scabbards secure a baton during transport. They allow a firm grip and rapid presentation. Each design is fabricated for a specific purpose. Designs so unique that they are patented. Under the most severe tactical conditions, they have no equal.

Federal Scabbards

A compact, reduced form carrier for the Tactical Baton. The Federal Scabbard is designed for those officers who prefer a closed front ASP case. The carrier adjusts to a variety of belt widths from 1.25 to 2.25 inches. It will retain a retracted or extended ASP Baton.

  • Available In:
    • 16"
    • 21"
    • 26"