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ASP Tlc Tactical Light Case, Fits Triad/Turbo Flashlight

ASP Tlc Tactical Light Case, Fits Triad/Turbo Flashlight


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The Tactical Light Case (TLC) is the most advanced light carrier for anyone that is required to employ a high-performance light under stress. The TLC rotates 360 degrees to 12 distinct positions. Unlike most cases, it carries the light lens in the downward position not only to protect the light but also to allow for a smooth draw in a natural grip with your thumb on the switch.

Another great feature that the 360-degree rotation allows for is hands-free use. This feature allows an officer to have his flashlight on and positioned exactly where he wants it without the need to occupy a hand. This is also great for the hunter, jogger, or outdoor enthusiast that requires travel in the dark.

The TLC is equipped with a Snap-Loc Belt Loop allowing you to reposition or remove it from your belt with ease. It will snap on any military, duty or dress belt and is even MOLLE compatible.