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ASP Triad CR Flashlight

ASP Triad CR Flashlight


• Lumens: 275 • Run Time: 2 hours 30 minutes • Beam Distance: 204m • Length: 6.125" • Diameter: 1.40" • Weight: 5 ounces (with batteries) • System: 6 volt

ASP products are designed to professional law enforcement standards.  They have gained a worldwide reputation for performance.  This same precision technology has created a new generation of high performance, aluminum core, polymer flashlights.

Each Poly CR is injection molded onto an aluminum frame. Lights are accented by an extremely durable foamed vinyl grip.  Leak proof Lithium power cells provide continuous run time with a ten year shelf life.  A high output thermally controlled LED is positioned in a precision parabolic reflecting chamber. The result is a blindingly bright light that provides both a room illuminating halo and a penetrating central beam of incredible brightness.  

The Softtouch activation system is sensitive and quiet.  It employs circuit board technology and a self-cleaning computer microswitch.  In the centermost position , the light is locked against accidental activation.  Rotated to the left, it provides intermittent and to the right, constant illumination.  

Each light combines the innovative design and unparalleled manufacturing expertise of ASP.  O-ring sealed for water resistance.  Performance tested for function.  The Poly Triad CR is unmatched in function, durability and performance.

Two high-performance ASP CR123A Lithium batteries included.