ASP Tungsten Usb Flashlight, Black

ASP Tungsten Usb Flashlight, Black


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The Tungsten LED is made possible by a revolutionary new light engine. ASP developed a unique technology which produces brilliant white pre-focused light. Advanced optics are coupled with precision machined high strength aerospace aluminum. All surfaces are then anodized with a proprietary Type III matte black hard coat finish.

Powered by high density, leak proof CR123A PTC Lithium power cells, the Tungsten provides a ten-year shelf life. The domed lens and tri-mode Switch Assembly are both o-ring sealed. The Tungsten is blindingly bright, yet totally secure. A center locking position guards against accidental activation. Turned to the right, the switch provides constant illumination. To the left it is intermittent. A clip groove is machined into the lens and switch end of each light. A heat treated pocket clip snaps into either groove.

The ASP Tungsten USB adds a micro USB charge port, internal charge circuit and Lithium-Ion power cell to the distinctive Tungsten design.