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B&B Fire Equipment Quick Stik Foam Proportioner, 2-1/2" Inlet - Outlet


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POK Foam with Quick Stik Technology nozzles and proportioners use small, easy-to-use solid cartridges of foam/wetting agents – meaning no eductors or pails of foam to mess with! Equip any brush truck or quick-response vehicle with a foam/wetting agent system, no fuss or muss!

  • Inline proportioners are readied just by attaching them to the inlet/outlet hoses
  • You don't have to shut down the whole system to replace the foam cartages
  • Quick Stik nozzles and proportioners consist of a NITUFF™-hardened aluminum tube, couplings and a perforated sleeve
  • Size: 2½" Inlet 1/2 Outlet