Big Sky Racks Gun Lock For Motorcycle Hardcase

Big Sky Racks Gun Lock For Motorcycle Hardcase


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The ELS Motorcycle Series allows you to safely store weapons inside your hardcase saddlebag without interfering with vehicle operation or compromising quick access to weapon. An additional component of this system is a unique spring-operated lid propping device, which insures quick access and deployment of weapon without worry of lid closure or interference...even if the cycle is laid on its side.  The spring device is easily installed and readily collapses at the touch of your finger for quick, controlled lid closure. Specify weapon type and any accessories on the Checkout page, in the "Comments or Instructions" box.

  • Your ELS Rack includes:
  • 10-second delay Timer
  • Activation switch
  • Trigger guard
  • Electronic lock with your choice of mechanical key override in case of power failure (handcuff, standard or barrel key override)
  • One set of #RB Roll Bar Mount brackets (for mounting to cages with roll bar type frame) and detailed wiring instructions
  • Ea(more...)