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Blackhawk Light Holder

Blackhawk Light Holder


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This Light Holder comes in two designs. The 6P/G-2 Pouch fits Streamlight1/2, Scorpion, Strion, TT-2, TL-2, SureFire1/2 6P/G-2, Pelican M-6, and similar lights. The Gladius1/2 Pouch fits the Night-Ops1/2 Gladius Light.

  • About Blackhawk1/2 Duty Gear:
  • BlackHawk1/2 has combined the practical experience of its design team 1/2 experts who've done everything in law enforcement from beat cop to tac officer 1/2 with decades of research and development, and manufacturing expertise to combine the professional look of molded nylon with the superior abrasion resistance of Cordura1/2
  • The result of this R&D, Cordura Ballistic1/2, means you can rely on what is simply the toughest, strongest, best-looking molded duty gear on the market today!
  • Cordura Ballistic1/2 gives you the best of two worlds – the crisp, professional look of molded nylon, with the superior abrasion resistance of Cordura1/2 nylon
  • Protect your duty gear, in style, from its main enemy, abrasion
  • Cordura Ballistic1/2 weave nylon keeps its shape