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Uncle Mike's Radio Case With Swivel

Uncle Mike's Radio Case With Swivel


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Universal Radio Case
  • Available in both fixed belt loop and swivel belt loop for easy removal of the case.
  • Fits most police, fire and business band radios.
  • Nylon web and Hook & Loop construction adjust the height, width, and depth of the case to fit your specific needs.
  • Excellent for agencies with mixed inventories or hard-to-fit designs.
Laminated Radio Cases
  • Padded to protect against the day-to-day abuse of striking the handheld radio against steering wheels, desktops, and door frames.
  • Two configurations — Swivel Belt Loop and Fixed Belt Loop.
Fitted Handheld Radio Cases with Insert
  • Kodra nylon outer cover with rigid polymer insert for protection.
  • Ideal for bicycle, motorcycle, tactical and specialized unit applications where severe abrasion is possible.
  • Fitted with a swivel belt loop, the case can be detached quickly from the belt loop simply by rotating radio.