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Uncle Mike's Reflex Holster

Uncle Mike's Reflex Holster


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Since 1985, its father has been on duty and mission ready around the world. Its mother was the first injection molded Kydex concealment holster on the market. Born out of real world performance, the Reflex Holster combines the newest and most reliable technology and design available.

Precision engineered by the Uncle Mike'sLaw Enforcement team, the Reflex Holster was designed to meet the challenge of performing with gross motor skill function in the most real-world stressful conditions. Function tested in mud, sand, water immersion, extreme temperature ranges and cycle tested to 15,000 draws, the new Reflex Holster from Uncle Mike's is your new sidekick. UncleMike's, field-proven to be the leader in shooting accessories since1947.

  • I.R.T. Integrated Retention Technology (No mechanical parts to fail when it counts the most). 
  • Flexible Fit – Pancake style belt loop fits up to 1-3/4" belt.
  • Durable – Injection molded impact-modified polymer construction