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Brite-Strike Technologies Flexaton® Straight Baton With Or Without Light (Hls)

Brite-Strike Technologies Flexaton® Straight Baton With Or Without Light (Hls)


The new FLEXATON® Straight expandable baton from Brite-Strike® utilizes a revolutionary semi-rigid thermoplastic made in the USA. These batons can deliver effective nerve and muscular shock in a baton strike but with the benefit that it is less likely to deliver lethal strikes against you if taken away. This baton can easily convert to a BIL™ with the purchase of the LED light that is sold separately if not originally purchased together.

The new FLEXATON® Baton Integrated Light™ (BIL™) has the same features as the Straight Baton, but also has a very bright light built into the end (270 lumens) with built-in Tactical Touch® Switch allows you to go from Hi to Low to Strobe with a light press of your thumb or finger.

When used as a duty flashlight, with an aggressive subject, the officer can use the 270 lumen High or Strobe settings to distract and disorient the subject. The Baton Integrated Light™ can be immediately snapped out so the expandable baton can be used to defend or ward off a blow from the subject. If an escalation of force is required, the Baton Integrated Light™ can be used to deliver an effective strike. Because you do not have to drop your flashlight and reach for your baton, you gain precious seconds while the attacker is disoriented from the highly effective strobe.