Brite-Strike Technologies Roto-Loc Articulating Tactical Holster For All Brite-Strike® 2 Cell Blue Dot® Switch Flashlights


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Brite-Strike®’s Roto-Loc Articulating Tactical Holster answers the need for the officer who desires a holster which can be positioned at various angles to facilitate the draw or greater comfort. The positive ratchet allows the user to position the holster at any angle desired through a full 360 degrees and have it stay there. This proven method has been used with baton scabbards for years and is now available for the Tactical Blue Dot®. To use the light in a hands-free mode, place the light back in the Roto-Loc holster, set the precise angle to aim the beam in the desired direction.

The Roto-Loc ATH is constructed of a space-age polymer which provides a rigid holster that retains its shape and functionality in extreme temperature ranges. The unique retention system features a safety strap which locks the clamshell action closed around the light until needed. The operator only needs to pop the snap so the light can be drawn rapidly. Replacing the light is just as easy and the safety strap is easily secured with one hand. Your light can be carried bezel up or down according to your preference.

  • Locking jaw belt attachment system
  • 360º Roto-Loc Positive Ratchet
  • Tailcap cutaway for easy actuation
  • Locking safety strap
  • Impervious to moisture and extreme temperatures

Holster only. Flashlight is not included.