Brite-Strike Technologies Tactical Ball® Rid3-Ir Rolling Illuminated Distraction And Disorientation Device, Infrared, 5/Pack


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Tactical Balls® RID3-IR are super-bright, shockproof, waterproof rolling illuminated distraction and disorientation devices. Brite-Strike® Infrared Tactical Balls® were developed at the request of a number of Spec Ops teams. IR Tactical Balls® RID3-IR can be used for a variety of different applications from markers to diversionary devices if the enemy is NVG equipped. These distraction devices are highly effective for providing light when used in conjunction with the latest generation NVGs (Night Vision Goggles). RID3-IR Tactical Balls® are sold to Military and Law Enforcement agencies only.


  • Small, lightweight, water-resistant and shock-resistant
  • Concentric and weighted so they will wobble and spin all around when rolled or tossed into a room, then land light-up to backlight the bad guy. The bad guy gets distracted, buying you time to make your move
  • No spark or flame, for safer use in areas that may contain flammable material
  • Run Time: Up To 20 hours
  • Modes:
  • On
  • Fast Strobe
  • Slow Strobe
  • Off
  • Batteries: 2 lithium CR2032 batteries per light (included)
  • Waterproof on/off switch
  • Max Output: 2 IR LED's (>13,000 MCD)
  • Sold in a set of 5 Tactical Balls®
  • Not intended to replace flashbangs