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Certified Safety Manufacturing Certi-Strips Adhesive Bandages


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Certi-Strips are Plastic Adhesive Bandages from Certified Safety.  These plastic bandages are designed with an adhesive that sticks but won’t hurt when removed.  This band aid can be used to protect minor cuts and scrapes and come in a variety of sizes to suit every need.


  • Choose from the Following Sizes:
    • 1”x3” Certi-Strips – 50 Per Box (220-170)
    • 0.75”x3” Certi-Strips – 50 Per Box (220-173)
    • 2”x3” Certi-Strips Xtra Large – 25 Per Box (220-020)
  • Plastic Adhesive Band Aid
  • Adhesive That Sticks but Won’t Hurt When Removed
  • Protects Minor Cuts and Scrapes