Certified Safety Manufacturing Elite Hydration Ready To Drink


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iXL™ Hydration Drink is the first and only sports drink that has no sodium and high potassium, which addresses the critical sodium/potassium imbalances found in a typical diet. Balancing potassium is vital for both performance and cardiovascular health. Along with its unparalleled thirst quenching power, iXL™ has fewer calories, less sugar, a more complex electrolyte system, and more natural ingredients than leading national brand sports drinks. iXL™ also comes packed with 8 different vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help leave your body feeling completely replenished.

  • Zero Caffeine and Sodium
  • 400mg Potassium
  • 45 Calories per Serving
  • Ready to Drink Bottles
  • Sold by the Case - 12 Bottles Per Case
  • Variety of Flavors